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Alexander, Brenda School Controller
Armijo, Christopher Teacher
Au, Robert Teacher
Baros, Florin Music Teacher
Boudreau, Roxanne Teacher
Brady, Christine Teacher
Brink, Brian Teacher
Brink, Brian Teacher
Cochrane, Ms. Teacher
Conway, Audrey Sys Admin
Conway, Audrey Librarian
Courtright, Nathan Teacher
Creger, Hilary Teacher
Davis, Rochelle Staff
Dobbins, Lorraine Staff
Edom, Lynette Staff
Ensele, Rachel Staff
Fidel, Ms. Counselor
Fuentes, Mr. Teacher
Gilmete, Terry Counselor
Hanson, Mr. Teacher
Hanson, Mrs. Science Teacher
Haven-Martinez, Eden Teacher
Hein, Ms. (916) 422-7590 Physical Education Teacher/Co-Dept Chair
Hoff, Mrs. English Teacher
Johnson, Mr. (916) 422-7590 ex.#5115 Physical Education & Science Teacher/Athletic Director
Kahrs, Laura Teacher
Kahrs-Emigh, Laura Staff
Katabe, Katabe Teacher
Kelsey, Lemont Sys Admin
Le, Nhung Teacher
Lee, Dale Teacher
Maguire, Ms. Teacher, English 7 and ELD
Martin, Mary Acaletes Teacher
Mate, Steve Sys Admin
McMurtry, JoAnn Staff
Miller, Tiffany Teacher
Miller, Tiffany Teacher
Nguyen Rit, Anh Teacher
Nowak, Mrs. (916) 422-3232 Physical Education Teacher and Volleyball Coach
Nyborg, Tracey Staff
Poppers, Ken Teacher
Poppers, Laura Teacher
Rollings, Ms. Staff
Rosson, Michael Teacher
Salazar, Aida (916) 422-3232 ex.5010 Staff
Sanko, Mrs. Science Teacher and PLTW
Shrader, Joshua Teacher
Smith, Mr. Teacher
Stelovska, Ms. Teacher
Ummel, Mr. Teacher
Walker, Ms. (916) 422-7590 Physical Education Teacher
Young, Jeffrey Teacher
Zepeda, Mr. Physical Education Teacher/Co-Dept. Chair

Teaching Staff

You may e-mail a teacher by clicking on the envelope to the left of their name.  If the teacher's name is Blue in color you may click on their name and this will take you to their classroom website.